Strange Love – Karen O

It’s a simple song.
I’m melting.

Karen O. is the vocalist for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They performed at the Sweetlife Festival on May 11, 2013.
I think I was busy getting owned by the rain in the midst of satisfying my hunger when they were up on the main stage. I saw them two years ago at the first Sweetlife Festival so I wasn’t too upset that I missed the performance. Plus, I haven’t been keeping up with their music since. I confirm that they are fantastic live!

Oh, love, love is strange
When there’s beauty on the inside,
The outside there’s nothing to ch-ch-ch-change
In the life that I know
Or after it I wanna be
Someone to love with
Someone watching over me
Rain or storm the only ṗlace I wanna be is close to the heart of everything you’d ever need
The lightening’s not frightening when you are with me
Oh cause love is not always what you think it’ll be


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