This Day & Age – More of a Climb, Less of a Walk

This song is from the last album of one of the few bands that always remind of my high school and days. This song is a downer! It’s a shame the group broke up because their music was different around that time when pop punk, punk, emo was all the craze. Their music, especially in this last album, is jazzy, laid back but never boring. I can always feel emotion from their songs even if I’m not necessarily in the same situation as the beautifully written lyrics describe.

Just an echo of who I used to be. Just an echo of when you knew me. Change is
now my closest friend; selfishness at its end.

I miss listening to indie rock bands. Maybe I should log into Purevolume and check what great bands are out there right now!


6 thoughts on “This Day & Age – More of a Climb, Less of a Walk

  1. Reblogged this on VaniaJ6 and commented:
    reblogging only because I posted this!

  2. omg purevolume! i havent been on there in ages!

  3. I feel like cutting my……..onions to hide the tears streaming from my face as I listen to this.

  4. This song is aaaaaawesome. They remind me of Daphne Loves Derby, mainly instrumental-wise. The vocals are totally different, but I like em a lot. Plus, this band went on to become The Reign of Kindoooooo which is one of my favorite bands! 😀

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