The Uncluded – Teleprompters

I am beautiful I am powerful I am strong and I am loveable

The Uncluded is the odd couple of alternative rapper Aesop Rock and singer-songwriter folkstress Kimya Dawson (of The Moldy Peaches). These two have collaborated a number of times before releasing their debut album, Hokey Fright, earlier this month, and I have been diggin’ the material they have released.

I’m streaming the album at work and it’s a refreshing listen. The juxtaposition of Aesop’s intricate, wordy verses and Kimya’s soft, sing-song delivery simply works. Wow…I’m just amazed at how good this album is.

On the tender-hearted track, Teleprompters (my instant favorite off the album), Kimya sings of the messages she sends to her audience from the Teleprompters “on the backs of [her] two eyelids”; however, she also needs to have those same messages reciprocated back to her:

I preach self-love I know it’s true
It’s easier to say than do
I sing these messages to you
But now I need to hear them too

During Aesop’s verses, he shares some personal stories from of his childhood. It’s rare for me to hear him rap about his more intimate moments: “Last on the kickball team draft pick-list // First to the King Kullen practicing his kickflips // I’d like to say it’s ‘cause I was a rebel //Truthfully it’s easier to say ‘oh hell’ instead of ‘hello.'” I also loved the line: “Learned heartbreak on a Zelda-1 sub screen.”

This is already one of my favorite albums I’ve listened to this year!


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