Martina San Diego – Wanted [2013]

Singer-songwriter Martina San Diego was the lead vocalist of the all-girl band Ivy Rose, a band from the Washington DC area. She moved to Cebu, Philippines to pursue a solo career and her debut album was just released! Here is the first single! I’m interested to hear how well-produced her album is knowing that Cattski, a well-known and SUPER TALENTED indie artist in the Philippines, is the executive producer.

Support indie! I also suggest checking the other artists from the 22 Tango Records label because I think they are producing some great music. Most of their music is available on Spotify.

From the Soundcloud page:

“Wanted” is Martina San Diego’s first single from the debut album Blank Walls.

words & music: Martina San Diego
producer: Cattski Espina
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: 1032 Recording Studios

Cebu City Philippines
All Rights Reserved
22 Tango Records


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