Jim Croce (has a great mustache)

Bad Bad Leroy Brown live

I found out about Jim Croce one day in my mid-to-late teens. I was at my cousin’s house and I was perusing his father’s albums. I saw one with a man with an enormous mustache pictured on the cover. Obviously, that was enough reason for me to listen. And I’m really glad I did.

I really like Jim. He’s got a unique voice (that I’m kind of surprised I like). His music is kinda folk-bluesy at times. And I enjoy his songs with character and story based lyrics. These live and remastered vids are pretty sweet. It’s cool to see how relaxed and happy he was to perform. Here are a few more of my favorite Jim Croce songs for anyone else who digs his tunes.

Roller Derby Queen live

How can a love song go wrong with lyrics like…..

“Well she might be nasty, she might be fat
But I never met a person who could tell her that
She’s my bleach blonde bomber
My heavy handed hackensack mama”

You Don’t Mess Around with Jim live

Rapid Roy (The Stock Car Boy)


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