The Reign of Kindo – Sunshine

This is the second released single off of The Reign of Kindo’s new album. The album comes out on July 30th, and I’m really excited for it. I rarely buy the physical copy of an album, especially since I pay for Spotify, but I plan on buying this one.

TRoK, formed from the remaining members of This Day & Age, can be loosely described as a rock band. Yet, their musical groove reveals a jazz influence. This translates to complex and beautifully interwoven instrumentals with smooth vocals and harmonies are layered on top. It’s so tasty.
Their lyrics range from painful heartache, to aging, to hauntingly dark stories of revenge. While this band is not a “Christian” band in the same way that Hillsong is, the band does not shy away from discussing their faith and some of their personal struggles with it.
In the sea of cookie-cutter bands and artists nowadays, The Reign of Kindo offers their listeners a refreshingly unique sound. I’m very grateful that my friends introduced me to them a few years ago. They quickly became one of my favorite bands, and maybe the same will happen for you.

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