Chance the Rapper – Everybody’s Something [2013]


What’s good good?
And what’s good evil?
And what’s good, gangstas?
And what’s good, people?
And why’s God’s phone die every time that I call on Him?
If his son had a Twitter wonder if I would follow him
Swallow them synonyms like cinnamon Cinnabon
Keep all them sentiments down to a minimum


Chicago’s been producing some great hip hop lately and here comes Chance the Rapper, who I first became familiar with through the now-defunct (so sad, but yeah…) Kids These Days‘ 2012 project Traphouse Rock. I’m a fan of the off-kilter flow (i.e., Danny Brown) and unconventional voice (whatever that means). It just seems refreshing to me compared to what I’d hear on the radio!

Everybody’s somebody’s everythaaaang!


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