Big Sean – Fire [2013]

I doubt people are putting Medium Sean in their top MCs list but I have to give him props. I don’t listen to his albums or anything but he’s been consistent with his musical output, at least with singles and features. His latest music video for his single Fire features America’s favorite twerker, Miley Cyrus. I wonder if he wanted her to be in the video so he knows it gets views, or is Miley Cyrus suddenly hip hop’s new favorite princess? What is going on, world?

As a bonus, Big Sean is featured on the latest Ariana Grande drop. Continuing the Mariah Carey vibes I get from her with the production, her vocals, and how she keeps collabing with hip hop artists on these joints.


2 thoughts on “Big Sean – Fire [2013]

  1. that ariana grande song starts out like her other song… #notoriginal

    that was a stab at JF

  2. I’m glad you posted this. I reallyyy like his music.

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