Drake Is Currently Winning

I can't help but LOL when I see this.

I can’t help but LOL when I see this.

Drake has been releasing songs to the public over the past couple months in anticipation of his upcoming album Nothing Was The Same, scheduled for release this September 17th. I don’t consider myself a Drake fan but he (or his management team) knows how to appease his fanbase, releasing songs for the strictly hip hop (or maybe ignant-philiacs) fans and for those more in tune with his singing style.

His most recent drop, Hold On, We’re Going Home, which has a sort of 80s feel (I DIG IT):

A song splitting singing and rapping duties, The Motion (feat. Sampha). It’s good to hear him trying out a different flow:

The typical braggadocio type song (but I can’t help but get ignant to it…”THAT’S ALL ME FORREAL!”), All Me (feat. 2 Chainz and Big Sean):

A collab with J. Cole, Jodeci (Freestyle):

And no, I’m not going to post that Versace song. But that jont ratchet! VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE!


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