Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago – Awesome

This is a song that I sung with my Church choir a few months ago. It was brought up again at our choir practice last night which is why I’m sharing it now! (Note: I’ll admit, the song does start off pretty darn slow. But it builds and becomes one of the most powerful songs I’ve ever heard.)

When I first heard this song, I thought it was kind of boring. Now, it’s one of my favorite songs. I first started liking the song more and more as we practiced it. Then, when we lead worship for service and sang this song, I realized just how powerful the song was. Our church congregation doesn’t often get REALLY into the worship songs, but my oh my were they diggin’ this song. From seeing the congregation giving it their all, along with my adrenaline pumping just from being up on stage, I was getting really into this song, too. I was singing and dancing up on stage with my choir crew, having a blast and just worshipping God. That’s what it’s all about. man!

Anyway, enjoy and may you all be blessed and be a blessing today!


One thought on “Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago – Awesome

  1. Slightly reminds me of Mighty To Save!

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