MMLP2 – The Next Eminem Album

Oh shoot, a new album Eminem is coming! I always get hyped for new Eminem material even though I end up raising my expectations too high.  Plus, to call it the sequel of his best selling album is kind of ballsy. I don’t know if sober Em can top his first three major albums, which all won a Grammy for Best Rap Album, but as Jay-Z once said, “N’s want my old sh*t, buy my old albums.”

Only a 15 second sample of the next single (I think)! Rick Rubin is helping produce this album so hearing this Beastie Boys flow homage makes sense…but please, Em, can we have a lil’ (A LOT) less of the I’m-full-of-angst-RAWRRRR yelling you do in almost every song you’re in nowadays?? And this probably isn’t going to happen, but I miss hearing Ms. Track 13, Dina Rae, in a song and having Bass Brothers production.

Here’s a track, Survivalhe contributed for the latest Call of Duty video game:


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