Kodaline – All I Want [2012]

I will always be a sucker for sentimental songs. Is that part of being Filipino?

Strangely, I discovered this song while watching ESPN during my regular morning workday routine. It was playing in the background of an emotional video and I had to find out about the band.  As one YouTube commenter stated, this is a song Coldplay wish it wrote. True, I do get Coldplay vibes from this song (and Bon Iver and Snow Patrol and Keane and Mumford & Sons and The Fray and…). The brilliant music video itself tugs at the heart and it might as well be clips from some movie. I love it when music videos actually have some kind of storyline like all those random South Korean videos I used to watch all the time.

Here’s another music video from the band for their single “High Hopes.” All I can say in response to this video is WTF?!


One thought on “Kodaline – All I Want [2012]

  1. THE FEELS! thanks for sharing these songs. I love their sound, the lyrics and videos. ahhhh!

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