One Direction- Loved You First

I like to support my favorite artists from TV singing competition shows. Although, I didn’t watch XFactor UK when One Direction formed, I’ll support them because they are hard workers.  After 4/5 of them had horrible first individual auditions, they made it to 3rd place as a group and BAM!- they are a singing their butts off all over the world.

I didn’t buy tickets when they first went on sale of the Verizon Center back in June, but my cousin had an extra ticket and heck yeah I took it. We had far seats on Level 4 but I had a great time singing, dancing and laughing at all the swooning of every girl in the building! These two songs are a couple of my favorites from their latest album. They help with the commute to and from work. You can bet I lost it when they sang these songs live at the concert.

Oh, I watched This is Us in 3D on Friday night and it was incredible. I enjoy learning the back stories to artists and how their lives are on tour. It was much like how I felt about Justin Bieber’s and Katy Perry’s movies. I have more respect for all of them now. Like Lady Gaga told them backstage at the VMA’s after being booed, they deserve every bit of success they have.

Yes, I did just post two One Direction videos. No regrets.


4 thoughts on “One Direction- Loved You First

  1. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol

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