Audrey Assad – Bridge Over Troubled Water (Cover)

Most of the songs I’d put on my Top Of All Time most likely have to deal with the nostalgic factor, whether it’s attached to a specific memory or a specific time of my life. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was one of the many songs my father would sing frequently on weekend karaoke sessions when I was younger. He’d sing this song, just like any song, with so much emotion as if he was trying to sing on Rock Band in Expert Mode trying to beat the high score held both by Mariah Carey and Stevie Wonder and suddenly he popped his hernia. What the heck am I talking about? Anyway…

This song, covered by the lovely Audrey Assad, is just so beautiful! Stripped down to just her voice and the piano. Many covers I listen to like to get fancy with instrumentation and attempt to be creative but I think it’s just as nice having the artist’s voice be the focal point of the cover. And my goodness, I’m moved listening to her rendition! Shivers at the end! Somebody probably has tears streaming down their face.

Audrey, please come to DC/Bmore sometime and perform for us!


4 thoughts on “Audrey Assad – Bridge Over Troubled Water (Cover)

  1. I love her so much . She’ll be in Herndon on nov 11 with the Rend Collective! They are all great live! Want to go with me and some friends???? Maybe the bf will go to..

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