[Video] Watsky & Wax- Give a Hater a Hug (Mody Mix)

Give a hater a hug, cause even hater’s need love. Tell a hater cheer up, ch-ch-cheer up, give a hater a hug!

You’re gonna enjoy this song and start singing along to the hook.

Watsky‘s been my boy (I say that as if I actually know him personally, but I don’t lol) since seeing his performances on Def Poetry Jam. I guess, you could say his big “break” was when his Pale Kid Raps Fast video got millions of hits on YouTube and got to be on The Ellen Show.

Wax has been around for more than a decade and he’s still underappreciated and deserves more props. It’s nice to know that he’ll be taking part in the BET Hip Hop Awards cyphers this year, the only thing I look forward to from that show because we all know that the awards mean nothing. Plus, he was born in DC and lived in Maryland so you gotta support people from your area.

Even Good Charlotte. LOL.

To those unfamiliar with either Watsky or Wax, here are a couple of videos.

When Watsky started his rapping career, he collaborated with one of my favorite YouTube artists, Jeremy Passion!

Wax and his buddy Dumbfoundead just straight spittin’!


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