[Music Video] Sebastian Kole – BTMB (Bigger Than My Body)

I luuuurve acoustic music. At first, I was thinking this could be a John Mayer cover. But no, this is an original, and I find the song powerful and beautifully sung.

This is my first introduction to his music so I had to do a little research.  According to his Facebook page:

Often labeled as neo-soul, Sebastian Kole’s musical writing style is fundamentally a fusion of R&B, rock and hip hop topped with a touch of classical. On stage this blend frequently flirts with funk, regularly grooves with gospel, and makes an occasional rendezvous with reggae. One vocal trademark is the continual cascading of jazz overlays. His music is that which fits the truth of the present moment, be it laden with club or a hint of church. Sebastian Kole’s sound is indubitably unique, a phenomenon admittedly a choice of evolution, both evolving in music and evolving the music itself. “Ultimately”, Sebastian Kole reveals, “music is liquid, but genres help to spoon feed. Music is a language perhaps with subsets of dialects- or genres-the way people hear, understand and relate to it. But in reality most people do not listen to only one type or just one genre of music. Really I choose what we all choose which is to blend it all together making a synthesis of sound.”

Discovered on TheNext2Shine.


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