Tori Kelly- Paper Hearts

I don’t listen to much R&B and soul on a regular basis but I do listen to it every now and then. I’ve been following Tori on Tumblr since she was in the area last year or before that and her Instagram didn’t let me forget about her EP that came out on Tuesday. I decided to download it and an older EP today so I would have more variety on my phone. I knew they wouldn’t disappoint. This is the song that stood out to me.


3 thoughts on “Tori Kelly- Paper Hearts

  1. Reblogged this on VaniaJ6 and commented:
    I lover voice, her face and her hair. I’m sure she is a wonderful person!

  2. I saw her on Sunday and she performed this song. She was like guys this is one of my Emo songs so forgive me we getting a little emotional up in here!

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