[Pinoy Artists] Introduction: Up Dharma Down

A couple of our contributors have posted songs recently from Filipino artists and I’m loving it. I’ve actually been wanting to showcase more Pinoy artists from the Philippines. There’s a lot of talent over there that do not really get to reach international airwaves. Only the biggest of acts even have a chance to tour outside the country or the continent.

So here’s my effort to introduce you what the Philippines has to offer. I won’t be able to supply much background information so hopefully, WIkipedia will do the job.

Today, I will introduce you to Up Dharma Down. This band has released three major albums since 2006. According to Wikipedia, they have been featured on Time magazine and according to Mark Coles of BBC, they are the “Manila band most likely to cross over to the lucrative Anglophone market of North America.” Okay, first of all, I think the UK knows good music better than us Americans. I haven’t heard any of their music reaching American shores, but it’d be nice if they built enough buzz so they could come tour in the U.S. I think they’re one of the most talented and unique bands coming from the PI. They deserve more international recognition!

If I could pinpoint their music to a genre, I’d say it’s Electronic Jazz Fusion (basically, their sound is eclectic). After listening to their two most recent albums, the albums that I’m least familiar with, there is a large effort in experimenting with their sound.

What initially made me fall in love with this band is their lead vocalist, Armi Millare, and the emotions she is able to convey from the beautifully written lyrics. Swoon.

Here are four of the most popular songs, with English subtitles included! These videos don’t do the band justice, though. Catch the live videos on YouTube to see how amazing they really are!

The first song I ever heard from them, Maybe. Also, their debut single. Unfortunately, the audio/video quality isn’t great.

Oo (Yes). Oh, unrequited love…

Tadhana (Fate)

Turn It Well
How ’bout an HD quality music video?

And one of my personal favorites. This was on repeat during a certain period in high school when I had trouble falling asleep. Mood music for sure.


One thought on “[Pinoy Artists] Introduction: Up Dharma Down

  1. I love the idea of your blog. I’m also planning to feature songs on my blog but to be honest, I’m not so updated anymore so I’m trying to explore old and new music again. πŸ™‚ Mabuhay ang OPM! There are a lot of great artists and bands in the Philippines but yeah, they need more exposure. Even radio stations now suck! I used to listen to NU 107 but it’s gone now. 😦

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