[Covers] Mayer Hawthorne – Royals (VEVO Unexpected Covers)

I got tired of Royals pretty darn quickly, especially when everyone in the media and all your circles want to rave about it and your favorite Youtube artist’s favorite Youtube artist has covered the song.

BUUUUUT, Mayer Hawthorne decides to cover it and my love for the song has been revived! And can I say that it’s even better than the original?! It’s so groovy, baby. (You’ll never hear me say that in person.)

I must add, Mayer’s vocal chops has greatly improved since his first album! Let’s go see him in concert when he comes back to the area. Okthanksbye.


2 thoughts on “[Covers] Mayer Hawthorne – Royals (VEVO Unexpected Covers)

  1. My man Mayer did his thing. Great cover!

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