[Music Video] Great Good Fine Ok – You’re The One For Me

Show me where the love is grown…

This is currently my “dance in my car like a dang fool” song during my commutes to and from work. It’s so catchy!!! Oooooooo ooh woooooo…!

I’m gonna tell you, tell, I’m gonna tell you how I feeeeeeel!
I’m gonna love you, love, I’m gonna love you ’til you’re heeeeeeere!

I have a feeling this will be one of my most played songs of 2013, second to maybe Bastille’s Pompeii (EH EH OH EH OH). Word to aluapook. I’m gonna play this song out and let it catch on until you start singing it with me.

This music video, though, it started off good, I guess. Haha! Looks like something I’d make in elementary school with the food I didn’t eat.

If you dig the sounds, the track is available for download on their Soundcloud page!

OOOH! And they made a remix to St. Lucia’s Elevate, a song I posted about a month ago. I hope to hear more from Great Good Fine Ok! They’re onto something great!




2 thoughts on “[Music Video] Great Good Fine Ok – You’re The One For Me

  1. She could make me a (normal) sandwich anytime, lol. Dat avocado pit, tho. Hahahaha.

  2. niiiiiice. i dig it.

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