Blood Orange- You’re Not Good Enough

A morning full of meetings after coming into lab at the crack of dawn. And i’m still alive. What’s my secret? Blood Orange!

Dev Hynes, working under the name Blood Orange, has recently released “Cupid Deluxe”, a solid album from start to finish. I’m really diggin’ the sound, and I think a lot of R&B lovers would feel the same way.

He’s done a lot of writing for other artists, and has contributed to Solange’s latest project.

Here’s the last track on the album, “Time Will Tell”. Such a chill song. Video reminds me of Dave Chapelle’s Rick James skits. I was waiting for him to hop up on the piano and be like “Eff yo pianooo!!”

But that choreography, doe. I think I would dance around the same way alone in my room while listening to this.



2 thoughts on “Blood Orange- You’re Not Good Enough

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