Trombone Shorty- Let’s Get It On (Cover)

One of my favorite jazz artists and Orleans Avenue. And the man can sing (sweet love to me).
Let’s get it on, 2014. I’m ready for ya.

Happy New Year!!


[Music Video] Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey & the Roots – Cover of “All I Want For Christmas is You”

For all of you who enjoyed the Sesame Street theme song cover, here’s something Christmas-y from Jimmy Fallon.

Happy Holidays! and Merry Christmas!

[Music Video] Louis Baker – Birds

This song is so beautiful! Just his voice and a guitar and a simple string arrangement.
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Lyrics (Reproduced from here):

Time stood still
And you were there
I caught your eye for a second
Then you disappeared

You must’ve flown away
With the other beautiful birds
To another place
I would like to fly there too
Can you show me the way

On a sunny day
You were the crystal
That was by my window
That reflected many rays
But the body bends before the shadow

So I put on my armor
Buckle it tighter than ever before
Fear I may lose it all
I’ll put this on to soften the fall

Show me the way
Show me the way to your heart

What is lost
May not be forgotten
What has been found before
Can be found again

After the rain
I will fall down at your door
A heart can be mended
What is gold can be given

Show me the way
Show me the way to your heart

[Music Video] Mayer Hawthorne – Reach Out Richard

Richard, you told me all I need to know
But there’s some things you can’t prepare for
All I ever want to do
Is be as good a man as you

Mayer Hawthorne, I doubt I will ever stop raving about your consistently great music.

This track is the most personal song he has penned to date once you realize that Richard is his father’s name. He was even hesitant to keep this on the album because of its emotional connection. As one of the four tracks produced by Pharrell Williams (I’ve mentioned it on this blog before…this has been the Year of the Pharrell. #newrules what?), Pharrell has stated that this was his most favorite track on MH’s album.

It’s a song that every son can relate to once he feels he’s reached an age of wanting independence. The chorus, especially, highlights this thought, and can even be broadened to any child teetering on the line between adolescence and adulthood:

So don’t you be concerned, the kid’s alright
I’ve got to live and learn
The kid’s alright
I know that you will see
The kid’s alright
I’ll find my way eventually

I can’t wait to see this dude perform live (finally)!