[Audio] Action Bronson – Contemporary Man

I’m finally able to listen to Action Bronson’s latest mixtape, Blue Chips 2, released last November, and in collaboration with producer Party Supplies. This dude goes off with the non sequiturs. He can just rap and rap for days, lyrics not making much sense at all to me, yet I still love it.

Lyrics like:

Just a white man excelling in a black sport, like I’m Pistol Pete…

You see me in the green velour, facial conquistador…

Smack the taco out your mouth…green couch.

WHAT? I don’t know….

I’m finding myself going back to this particular song each time simply because of the samples used, which are all well-known songs from the 1980s, and how well he can ride each beat.

Can you name them all? SU-SUSSUDIOOO! 


One thought on “[Audio] Action Bronson – Contemporary Man

  1. Bronsolino is the best! And he can cook, too. His video on Vice where he and his boy go to Marea and have a private tasting with the chef had me all kinds of JELLY.

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