[Live Performance] Mac Miller – Objects In The Mirror

I want to preface this post by saying I’m not a Mac Miller fan. I like a song here or there from the several mixtapes he has released since he came on the scene. But then he released his 2013 album Watching Movies With The Sound Off, which showed maturation and a different direction musically from his previous projects. In this album, Mac Miller wasn’t afraid to expand and experiment with his sound and was totally digging it. I wasn’t aware that he also produced music (his production moniker is Larry Fisherman). It’d be awesome if the instrumentals from the album were released. I’m also very interested in the rumored collaboration album with Pharrell. Pharrell usually makes great music with whoever he collabs with.

I decided to highlight “Objects In The Mirror” because of the fact that he isn’t rapping, but singing. He sings on a few of his tracks on WMWTSO and no, he doesn’t sound great, but it’s all good. I respect his attempt to sing, even if at times he’s mumbling his lyrics.

I love that he’s collaborating with The Internet as his band. They deserve more exposure! He’s been hanging out with the Odd Future camp a lot… I wonder if his “abstract-ness” is partially a product of spending time with them.

Here are some other songs from his album, which was actually a great surprise because I didn’t think it was going to be that good.

Watching Movies. He needs to improve his live performances. I can barely understand what he’s saying. Mumblemumblemumbleeee. But the song goeeeees.

The Star Room (Produced by Earl Sweatshirt)

I Am Who Am (Killing Time)


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