[Concert Preview] Yuna at U Street Music Hall

Tonight, Yuna will be performing at U Street Music Hall. This will be my second time attending a concert there. I’m excited!!

The opening act is Jarell Perry, who I have never heard of, but is supposedly being compared to Frank Ocean and Miguel. I’ll refrain from listening to any material and let me be amazed if he’s that talented.

If you are unfamiliar with Yuna, she is a singer-songwriter from Malaysia with a contemporary pop/R&B sound. She was a law student at first and  ended up becoming a musician. Not bad! Reminds me of Jay Sean leaving medical school to pursue a music career. There’s something about her music and her voice that makes it seem effortless…timeless. I first learned about her when I discovered a video of her performing a cover of Frank Ocean’s Thinking About You a couple years ago.

And then, more research led me to a single that Pharrell had produced, Live Your Life. 

Here are a couple tracks from her latest album Nocturnal.

Lovely Intermission. I’ve been really uninspired // I think I need a miracle // To believe in love // I never really gave it all // To believe in love //I needed something more

Colors. When I first heard this song, I thought that this could be played on 97.1 WASH FM and you would start feeling nostalgic because it sounds like one of those songs from the 90s sung by a female artist or female-fronted band that you don’t remember but grew up hearing it all the time and then you see the music video on VH1’s Pop Up Video randomly one day and finally remember it all. LOL…


One thought on “[Concert Preview] Yuna at U Street Music Hall

  1. my giiiiiiiiirl ❤
    That show was amazing.

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