NP: Haim, Days Are Gone (Album)

Haim, from left to right, Danielle, Alana, and Este

This week’s playlist is dedicated to Haim! Well, I maybe cheating because the playlist is practically their whole entire album, Days Are Gone but hey, it’s currently my go to album on Spotify.

Haim consists of Este (eldest, bass), Danielle (middle, lead vocals and guitar), and Alana (youngest, percussion and guitar and everything else). They’re like the girl equivalent of the Hansons but awesomer in a girl-power type of way. They’re music has obvious retro roots to them, very 80s pop when it comes to back up vocals and percussions (a lot of claps and synthesizers) with deep rock and roll vocals from Danielle (this girl can also rip on the guitar). They have awesome music videos with the three sister performing synchronized dance numbers. But my favorite music video would have to go to their single Falling. I just love the whole 70s movies feel, very Wes Anderson and very funny.

Plus they have great hair!

Here are a couple notes on my favorite tracks on the album:

The Wire

The very first Haim song I heard. This one is straight-up classic rock n’ roll and probably the most well-known song in the album. If you guys feel like you’ve heard the song before, it’s probably because you have heard it before or because the intro sounds A LOT like The Eagles’ Heartache Tonight.

If I Could Change Your Mind

This track goes more on the 80s pop side with its jumpy beat, xylophones tones, and lots and lots of handclaps.

Don’t Save Me

One of the funnest tracks to sing! I love the fast, repetitive refrain. This song combines both their rock n’ roll and 80s pop roots starting the song off with rhythmic guitar chords then bringing in the synth/keyboard in the chorus! And of course, lots and lots of claps.

My Song 5

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG! It’s such a badass song! That’s all.

Here’s a Spotify playlist of the album for your listening pleasure:

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3 thoughts on “NP: Haim, Days Are Gone (Album)

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  2. saw them on SNL, verrry niiiiice

  3. I LOVE this album. There was a few weeks a while back where this was all I would listen to. The breakdown during “My Song 5″… that’s the kinda stuff that shower singing is made for, lol.

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