Twin Forks – Cross My Mind

Twin Forks is a Folk Rock and Americana band started by Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional!) in 2011. I snatched their free downloaded on Purevolume a while back and recently downloaded the rest of their new album . Chris Carrabba is one of my favorite voices since high school. Dashboard Confessional was the majority of my high school soundtrack that I’ve mentioned before in previous posts. Unlike the emo DC, Twin Forks has a country, blue grass upbeat and hopeful sound. I love the blend of Chris and Suzie’s voices and the instruments.  A person is probably less likely to cry listening to them.

About a month or so ago, they announced they will go on Tour with Augustana (“I think I’ll go to Bossstonnnnn”, my fave. I splurged on their downloads too)! I bought tickets of course because I’ve always wanted to see DC live! Man, as long as I see and hear Chris Carrabba live, even with his new cool crew, I’ll be happy. Do artists usually do meet and greets after 9:30 club shows?! I would love to meet them! They are currently on tour with Phillip Phillips but it’s a Canadian Tour with one stop in the US. I would have gone to that too.

I’ll post a review of the May 19th concert. Updates later =)

Bonus video: recent performance of  an old school Dashboard Confessional song! Oooo, great choice for a wedding first dance song! If I witnessed that moment or if they even play this at the concert, I guarantee there will be tears.


3 thoughts on “Twin Forks – Cross My Mind

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    hey hey hey, I posted on Jukebox Divvy after a period of absence !

  2. Is Cross My Mind featured on some commercial or something??

    • their wiki doesn’t mention it. I feel like someone would have posted that. I get what you mean though, the whistling part is commercial material!

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