[Live Performance] Jeremy Passion feat. Luke Edgemon & Tori Kelly – Lemonade

From the YouTube description:

10 years ago, I made a song that I didn’t think would ever make it past the ears of San Francisco. During a time and age of the internet when Youtube didn’t exist and the word “viral” would never be paired with the likes of a young asian kid on an acoustic guitar singing R&B, I sang my little heart out just because music was my passion. 

Wow, it’s been TEN years! This song was my introduction to Passion and most likely it was yours also. In high school, back when SoundClick was poppin’ (Is it still poppin’?) I remember discovering his page. This was during the infancy of YouTube so I don’t think I was hip to that website just yet. Well, anyway, here’s Passion performing his most popular song along with Luke Edgemon and Tori Kelly (swooooon!).

Bonus: Passion and Melissa Polinar are my two most favorite YouTube artists!


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