Little Joy- With Strangers and Evaporar

I’ve been falling in love with Rodrigo Amarante’s voice especially with the song With Strangers. His voice and singing style in this song reminds me a lot of Julian Casablanca in I’ll Try Anything Once (which is the demo version of You Only Live Once) with their low, very heavily filtered vocals and a tone that sounds heartbroken. Anyway, it’s a beautifully written songs. It has a very familiar sound, almost as if you’ve heard from your childhood. Maybe you have. I don’t really know.

With Strangers by Little Joy

Fun Fact: Little Joy is 1/3 The Strokes! They have The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti.

I’ll Try Anything Once by The Strokes

*Sorry, I can’t find the original recording in neither Soundcloud or Spotify. So YouTube it is

Another Fun Fact: Haim apparently did a cover of this song.


Another favorite track off of Little Joy’s self titled album, the very pleasant song Evaporar (it’s in Portuguese). Listen to this while you’re lounging in your backyard on a Sunday afternoon.



[Music Video] R.A. The Rugged Man – Definition Of A Rap Flow

From the YouTube description:

Legendary rapper R.A. The Rugged Man is back in the director’s chair for the rambunctious and hysterical new video “Definition Of A Rap Flow”, off his latest album Legends Never Die. Among the Rugged Man’s most infectious videos to date, “Definition Of A Rap Flow” features cameos from a host of hip-hop luminaries, from legends like Grandmaster Caz, Sadat X, Chill Rob G, Dinco D, and the Beatnuts to new-school talent like Chris Webby. Combining the style and essence of hip-hop’s Golden Era with technically flawless new-school lyricism, “Definition Of A Rap Flow” is yet another reminder of the Rugged Man’s undeniable place in the pantheon of all-time great emcees.

This music video is so dope! I don’t know how you can’t love this display of lyrical dexterity if you’re fan of hip hop. My face is looking disgusted listening that flow. I caught the Pacman bit at around 1:17 hehehe…

[Music Video] Nakhane Toure – Fog

Nakhane Toure is a singer-songerwiter from Johannesburg, South Africa. This song is my introduction to his music and, whoa, it gives me the chills. That’s a good thing! And the music video is so simple, yet powerful…when he repeatedly says “C’mon” with the additional vocals as he tries to get rid of whatever that stuff is (the “fog”???)…more chills!

I gotta hear more of his music.

[Live Performance] Akie Bermiss – Space and Time (NYCROPHONE’s “Acoustic Gold” at ishlab studio)

This was a nice find. The name looked familiar but I couldn’t figure out from where. He previously collabed on tracks with hip hop artist Soul Khan, who was one of my most favorite Grind time rappers back when I used to check out battle rapping videos in college. Oh, those were the days.

[Lyric Video] Abra featuring Loonie & Ron Henley – Cerberus (produced by Klumcee)

Some Tagalog hip hop for ya. It’s safe to say these are three of the top rappers in the PI at the moment; thus, the deserved title of this track.

This is one of the tracks I play while I work out (If you work out at LA Fitness, let’s work out sometime!). Just blast these on the headphones. Good thing they made a lyric video because honestly I can’t understand everything they say, especially with Abra with that speed.  And my goodness, Loonie and his breathe control in the middle of his verse.

As an added bonus, here’s an IT WAS WRITTEN episode that Mike Swift and J-Hon (PUTING KALABAW!) came up with: have a cipher in which the rappers recite what they wrote within an hour.


The rest of Abra’s album can be streamed on Spotify or bought on Amazon: