[Music Video] Joe Zambon – I Just Want Peace

This song…


I needed this very much. Mr. Joe Zambon, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of your music. I am an instant fan!


Here are the lyrics from the Youtube description:

Cause I woke up in the city
And I woke up my mouth dry
Because I woke up to my living
Good Lord I’ve been dead this whole time
Cause the sunrise didn’t mean nothing
Cause I’ve laid in bed every day till noon
And I realize that I’m not living
Unless Lord I rise with You

And I don’t want money
Or all the world’s honey
Cause I see it as nothing now to me
Cause the world you wanted gave you nothing of what you needed
And I would trade it all if I could just find peace

And I’ve tried to win the affection
From people who have never cared for me
Cause I thought they were what I needed
But they’re just as damn lost as me
So I married countless lovers
Who I hoped would fill the well that had run dry
But I’d trade all for your promise
Of new life that wells up inside

All I want is to find peace
More than the riches
More than fine linen
More than my addiction


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