[Audio] Spazzkid – Something About Us (Daft Punk Cover)

Spazzkid creates a cover of one of my most favorite, if not THEE most favorite, daft punk song.

My first reaction was an expected one…no way will I enjoy this song as much as the original. Yeah, it’s a bit too “happy” and upbeat and I prefer the melancholy that the original brings, but after some more listens and now I’m really loving this cover.

Check it out!


[Acoustic Live Video] – Run River North – Monsters Calling Home

I just discovered this band existed less than an hour ago, thanks to a Pandora tweet saying to check them out if I liked Of Monsters and Men. I love indie folk -rock and then I noticed they were all Asian (all Korean- American, neat!) so I had to check them out. I listened to the studio version of Monster Calling Home on spotify and bam- loved them right away! I’m an instant fan and supporter!

Here’s a live version of the song which is about the struggles of immigrant parents.  Check out the interview here.
“They’re walking heavy to the beat of a broken drum,
digging for worth in a land under a foreign sun.
Their children call, bitter words of a strange tongue.
Hearts down, they’re walking heavy till the dying’s done.”