[Audio] Reese & Vica – Peter Pan

Cute indie pop.

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[Audio] Noah Gundersen – Heartbreaker

It’s a coincidence I post two songs that deal with “break” in a span of hours but I just stumbled upon this song before I ending my day. Ended up having it on repeat while doing my nightly ritual. I noticed the album this song is on is called Twenty-Something. I might have to check it out based on the album title.

[Music Video] Yuna – Broke Her

Any new music from Yuna is a good thing! She takes the same sample from Drake’s “0 to 100” and makes her own rendition. When she starts singing like this, I’m always feelin’ like “Hey, I’m here, Yuna. Everything will be alright.” 😛

Here’s the actual sampled song, which I never took the chance to listen to until now:

Adam Feeney and Chester Stone Hansen – “Vibez”