Allen Stone- Circle

In eager anticipation of seeing him perform live tomorrow night, here’s a new track from his forthcoming album, “Radius”. This guy has so much talent and soul, it’s ridiculous. I remember seeing him for the first time at Virgin Mobile Freefest 2 years ago. I was amazed then, and I’m sure I will be just as amazed this time around. Well done, Mr. Stone. Keep rockin’.


Don’t Wait- Mapei

I first heard of Mapei through the Indieshuffle app on my phone.

Such a catchy, snappy song for a beautiful day!


Iron & Wine- The Desert Babbler

Hey guys! I’ve been MIA, but decided to come and share something this beautiful Friday afternoon.

I had this song on repeat all morning, and it’s helping me get through the day.

Although it’s somewhat of a departure from the sound that he is usually known for, I’m diggin’ the mellow vocals and the airy mood put forth by the lovely back up singers.

Oh, and… those horns, doe.

That’s all. Enjoy your weekend!


Untitled- The Lumineers

A year ago, I remember seeing the Lumineers in a very intimate venue, and they were AMAZING!

This particular song makes me happy. It’s an unreleased track that they play during their shows.

I can’t wait to hear new material from them.

Happy New Year, everybody!

Gentlemen Hall- Sail Into The Sun

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great week.

Here’s a perky tune to get you ready for the weekend.
I needed something to wake me up from this dreary weather and get me out of this funk that’s been lingering for the past week.

I hear a lot of MGMT and Passion Pit influence in these guys, and I like it a lot.

Here’s another song of theirs, which sounds a lot like Neon Trees:

I found them while browsing my Indie Shuffle app. Highly recommended for discovering new music!

Have a great weekend!

Fun.- Sight of the Sun

Fun is known for making catchy songs, and this song is no exception. I was getting tired of hearing their singles, probably due to overplay on the radio. But this song… something about it.

Maybe it’s just because it speaks to my current situation. Please refer to the “cuffin’ season” references throughout this blog. Lol.

Either way, have a happy Thanksgiving, and continue to enjoy the beautiful music!