Hozier – From Eden (live)


Current “attempt to sing in the car” song.

Also enjoying from Hozier:

Jackie and Wilson

Work Song




The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines

I like this song.


The Black Keys are one of my all-time favorite bands. I really really liked their older albums (The Big Come Up, Thickfreakness, and Rubber Factory are top picks, all having been released by 2004) with their more raw, unrefined style.  As their sound evolved into a more refined quality and digital effects, I found myself less interested in their new music. I was definitely one of those “WHY DID THEY HAVE TO SELL OUT?!” fans.

Only recently have a started to appreciate and enjoy some of their newer music (the posted song was released about 3.5 years ago, so not exactly their newest stuff). I can see why they changed their sound, and I can finally hear that the old Black Keys rawness is still the heartbeat of their music, albeit now covered up with fancy effects. I can dig it.

MisterWives – Reflections [Audio Only]

Found this song via Spotify’s “Indie Work Playlist”. First song on the playlist, and also the only song I actually liked after hearing the first 6 or 7 songs.

It’s got female vox which I prefer over male singers. It’s got a groovy chorus which makes me wanna dance in the terrible way that I do. And, from the sparse lyrics I can pick out, it sounds like it’s a breakup song which is whatever, haha.


Fall Out Boy – Young Volcanoes

I like this song. Not sure what’s going on in the vid though. Haven’t really watched it, but I see blood and darkness. Well, the song’s upbeat, at least!

I’ve always liked Patrick Stump’s voice. I used to not admit that I liked Fall Out Boy. I guess I’m not really a “real” fan, but I do enjoy about 3 of their songs at the mo’.

Anyway, enjoy!

Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago – Awesome

This is a song that I sung with my Church choir a few months ago. It was brought up again at our choir practice last night which is why I’m sharing it now! (Note: I’ll admit, the song does start off pretty darn slow. But it builds and becomes one of the most powerful songs I’ve ever heard.)

When I first heard this song, I thought it was kind of boring. Now, it’s one of my favorite songs. I first started liking the song more and more as we practiced it. Then, when we lead worship for service and sang this song, I realized just how powerful the song was. Our church congregation doesn’t often get REALLY into the worship songs, but my oh my were they diggin’ this song. From seeing the congregation giving it their all, along with my adrenaline pumping just from being up on stage, I was getting really into this song, too. I was singing and dancing up on stage with my choir crew, having a blast and just worshipping God. That’s what it’s all about. man!

Anyway, enjoy and may you all be blessed and be a blessing today!

The Electric Swing Circus – The Penniless Optimist

I met a new friend yesterday who told me about this band. She described their sound to me as French electro-swing pop…or something like that. To be honest, when I heard that I was like… That’s gonna be freakin’ weird. I ain’t gon’ like that! Still, I peeped their beats, and they turned out to be pretty cool!

The song I posted seems to be their most popular one at the mo’, but it’s also my favorite of the songs I’ve heard so far. They sing/speak in English, so not to worry if you don’t like French! I guess I’d describe this particular song as… electro-swing pop!

Check it and try to fight the urge dance!

The Reign of Kindo – Sunshine

This is the second released single off of The Reign of Kindo’s new album. The album comes out on July 30th, and I’m really excited for it. I rarely buy the physical copy of an album, especially since I pay for Spotify, but I plan on buying this one.

TRoK, formed from the remaining members of This Day & Age, can be loosely described as a rock band. Yet, their musical groove reveals a jazz influence. This translates to complex and beautifully interwoven instrumentals with smooth vocals and harmonies are layered on top. It’s so tasty.
Their lyrics range from painful heartache, to aging, to hauntingly dark stories of revenge. While this band is not a “Christian” band in the same way that Hillsong is, the band does not shy away from discussing their faith and some of their personal struggles with it.
In the sea of cookie-cutter bands and artists nowadays, The Reign of Kindo offers their listeners a refreshingly unique sound. I’m very grateful that my friends introduced me to them a few years ago. They quickly became one of my favorite bands, and maybe the same will happen for you.