What I’m Diggin’ – 2016 February Edition

In February, I played the heck out of Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo even though I think, out of all of his albums, this would would be ranked last or second-to-last.

My favorite track on the album is undeniably Ultralight Beams with a show-stealing verse by Chance the Rapper. Kanye and guests performed the song on SNL, which can be seen here.

Desiigner – Panda
Panda, panda, panda, panda, panda…


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (featuring Chance the Rapper)
I listened to Macklemore’s new album and I don’t love and I don’t totally dislike it. It’s honestly whatever. This song is a gem, with yet another show-stealing verse by Chance the Rapper. Can’t you tell I love Chance? LOL.

Leon Bridges – River
He’ll be at The Roots Picnic – I’m excited!

Allen Stone – Perfect World
This just might be my anthem of 2016 when the year is over.

T-Pain – Officially Yours
YAAAAAAAS! I initially heard this song when he was performing an NPR concert. It’s so refreshing to hear something like this!

James Reid – Randomantic
This is a song penned by Thryo & Yumi, two of my favorite songwriters from the Philippines. They know how to produce catchy songs!

Conscious and the Goodness – Lights Out
Son, this is SMOOTH.


What I’m Diggin’ – 2016 January Edition

When I allot myself time, I’ll handpick some albums and songs that I’ve been diggin’ over the month. Here’s January! Continue reading

My Certainly-Not-Definite Noteworthy Hip Hop Songs of 2015

I always wanted to do a really good, well-explained rundown of my favorite songs/albums of the year, but honestly, it takes so much time that it makes me question writers and journalists who do these type of lists. There is SO MUCH music out there that it’s difficult to include or exclude selections. So here’s a list of hip hop songs (which may not have necessarily been released in 2015) that made some sort of impact on me, whether it got me hype, got me thinking, or just stuck with me.

The only rule: I can only choose one song per artist!

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My Top Hip Hop Tracks so far in 2015

I figured I’d share some music that I’ve enjoyed this year. I think this year has been great for hip hop. I’d go as far as declaring this as the best year of hip hop album releases in the 2010s and we’re only halfway through the year. That’s how great the music has been.

The criteria for this list is that I can only choose one song from each artist. I initially only wanted to list 10 songs, then I extended it to 15 songs, and decided WHY NOT 25! I just didn’t feel like excluding some songs when I reviewed them.  Also note: some songs on this list came from albums released at the tail end of 2014, but the single was released this year.

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PatPat’s Current Jams – Week of January 25, 2015

Here are some songs I’m currently digging! Maybe I’ll do these type of posts weekly or bi-weekly…


Yelawolf – Till It’s Gone (Acoustic)

I have loved this song since I first heard it. I’m glad he’s getting back to producing music that represents who he is. I thought his Radioactive album was mediocre, but with tracks like this, I’m hoping it’s a good sign for this sophomore release on Shady Records.

Tobias Jesso Jr. – How Could You Babe

Every single song he has released thus far on his Youtube is pure awesomeness. His music reminds me of the simplistic lyrical nature of songs written back in the 70s. It’s an example of the type of music my parents would play in the house, which is probably why I love his music.

Kwabs – Walk 

How are you not acquainted yet with Kwabs? Maybe because I have yet to hear about his music Stateside. Sam Smith invaded 2014, maybe Kwabs this year?

Lupe Fiasco – Adoration of the Magi (feat. Crystal Torres)

Bruhhhhh, this album is FLAMES! This is one of my favorite joints on the album. It took me like 20 listens to realize what he was referring to in the chorus. And that third verse! I was a Lupe stan back in high school. Food & Liquor and The Cool was on heavy rotation. Since then, I ain’t really care too much about his music, but now, YES!

My Current Car CD Rotation – March 2014

I usually play my iPod when I’m cruising in my car. If I have to resort to radio for some reason, I stick to sports radio. Can’t stand what’s being played on the radio most of the time.

Here’s my current CD rotation, which changes every few weeks.

Marc Broussard – S.O.S.: Save Our Soul [2007]


If you don’t know this guy, I suggest you check him out. Dude’s got SOUL! This is Broussard’s follow-up to his major label debut Carencro. The album only featured one original song with the rest covers. I don’t think the album is anything special – he doesn’t try to do anything risky with his covers – but it’s nice to hear an artist you look perform covers of songs you like. I personally find myself playing I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know on repeat.

Louis Logic – Sin-A-Matic [2003]

I’ve been wondering for the longest time what ever happened to this dude. He was a member of the underground hip hop group The Demigodz and released some incredible material during my high school days. I did a quick Google search and discovered he actually released a new album last November, 7 years after his last release. A really long time! Also, I found out he’s at SXSW. I’m glad he’s still around. When this album came out, people were quick to compare him to Eminem because of his vulgar, zany, I-don’t-give-a-what style. But if there’s something that he does better than Em is his witty storytelling. This album is a certified classic to me, listening to it more than 10 years later. Tracks are still fresh to me.

Some of my favorite tracks from this album:
Coochie Coup – This song is SOOOO inappropriate. What’s starts with the letter C…? But oh my gosh, too clever…I don’t recommend this track for the easily offended and squeamish. The sample is genius. If you dare, click play…

The Ugly Truth – You seriously got to listen to this track. You’ll be thinking “WTF” the entire time and then….well, you gotta listen to it while reading the lyrics. A very clever track.
Fair Weather Fan – OMG, this track takes me back. Were you ever a member of a band’s message boards? MESSAGE BOARDS? Do people use forums nowadays? I was an avid member of one music group’s message boards back in middle/high school and this song got me reminiscing. I love the production and the AIM sounds….ahhhh, nostalgia!
I love this part:

When underground records come with three choices
They can’t spit
You can’t understand it
Or it’s punks with weak voices
And you rejoice at three joints of the 20 tracks, only some were phat
Then you wish you had your money back
There’ll be none of that in my wax or stage show
I make extra sure to stay dope, I’m spittin for your pesos
And kick them on the same flow to show you that I’m anti-wack
Whether indie or major and there ain’t too many fans like that

Sugarfree – Tala-Arawan [2006]

Tala-arawan means ‘diary’ in English. If you want to get all sentimental and maybe shed a few tears (or thousands), just play some Sugarfree. Whenever I visit The Philippines, I always buy a bunch of albums before heading back home and I copped this joint. I have to say the packaging of this album is pretty neat and creative. The band had a run for about a decade until they broke up in 2011.

Favorite tracks: Salamin, Wari Ko’y, Wag Ka Nang Umiyak, Ikaw Pala (All these songs make me feel so sappyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.)

Kung wala ka nang maintindihan
Kung wala ka nang makapitan
Kapit ka sa akin, kapit ka sa akin
Di kita bibitawan

Oh gosh, my heart.

The Pharcyde – Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde [1992]

THIS is one of my favorite hip hop albums of ALL TIME. I was fortunate enough to attend their concert last year when they visited DC and watched them perform this album in its entirety. But really it was only two of the members and their friends performing because for some reason they all aren’t on good terms or something??? Whatever, I had a blast and got to meet Fatlip. I read something online about how this album didn’t really receive much hype or praise when it was first released. That’s crazy! I love this entire album. Although they were pretty silly in most of their tracks, they also showed a serious side to them, which became even more present on their sophomore album. I LOVE THE PHARCYDE. I LOVE ALL THE TRACKS.

One of the few hip hop songs I know all the words to, a song about unrequited love and a song that strongly relates to something that happened to me back in high school: Passin’ Me By

[Pinoy Artists] Introduction: Up Dharma Down

A couple of our contributors have posted songs recently from Filipino artists and I’m loving it. I’ve actually been wanting to showcase more Pinoy artists from the Philippines. There’s a lot of talent over there that do not really get to reach international airwaves. Only the biggest of acts even have a chance to tour outside the country or the continent.

So here’s my effort to introduce you what the Philippines has to offer. I won’t be able to supply much background information so hopefully, WIkipedia will do the job.

Today, I will introduce you to Up Dharma Down. This band has released three major albums since 2006. According to Wikipedia, they have been featured on Time magazine and according to Mark Coles of BBC, they are the “Manila band most likely to cross over to the lucrative Anglophone market of North America.” Okay, first of all, I think the UK knows good music better than us Americans. I haven’t heard any of their music reaching American shores, but it’d be nice if they built enough buzz so they could come tour in the U.S. I think they’re one of the most talented and unique bands coming from the PI. They deserve more international recognition!

If I could pinpoint their music to a genre, I’d say it’s Electronic Jazz Fusion (basically, their sound is eclectic). After listening to their two most recent albums, the albums that I’m least familiar with, there is a large effort in experimenting with their sound.

What initially made me fall in love with this band is their lead vocalist, Armi Millare, and the emotions she is able to convey from the beautifully written lyrics. Swoon.

Here are four of the most popular songs, with English subtitles included! These videos don’t do the band justice, though. Catch the live videos on YouTube to see how amazing they really are!

The first song I ever heard from them, Maybe. Also, their debut single. Unfortunately, the audio/video quality isn’t great.

Oo (Yes). Oh, unrequited love…

Tadhana (Fate)

Turn It Well
How ’bout an HD quality music video?

And one of my personal favorites. This was on repeat during a certain period in high school when I had trouble falling asleep. Mood music for sure.