Earth Day Concert at the Washington Monument Grounds

On Saturday, April 18, the Earth Day Network and The Global Poverty Project are hosting Global Citizen Earth Day with a free concert.

Concert acts include No Doubt, Usher, Fall Out Boy, Train, My Morning Jacket, and Mary J. Blige.

For more information on the event, click here.

Sounds tempting…


[Concert Preview] Yuna at U Street Music Hall

Tonight, Yuna will be performing at U Street Music Hall. This will be my second time attending a concert there. I’m excited!!

The opening act is Jarell Perry, who I have never heard of, but is supposedly being compared to Frank Ocean and Miguel. I’ll refrain from listening to any material and let me be amazed if he’s that talented.

If you are unfamiliar with Yuna, she is a singer-songwriter from Malaysia with a contemporary pop/R&B sound. She was a law student at first and  ended up becoming a musician. Not bad! Reminds me of Jay Sean leaving medical school to pursue a music career. There’s something about her music and her voice that makes it seem effortless…timeless. I first learned about her when I discovered a video of her performing a cover of Frank Ocean’s Thinking About You a couple years ago.

And then, more research led me to a single that Pharrell had produced, Live Your Life. 

Here are a couple tracks from her latest album Nocturnal.

Lovely Intermission. I’ve been really uninspired // I think I need a miracle // To believe in love // I never really gave it all // To believe in love //I needed something more

Colors. When I first heard this song, I thought that this could be played on 97.1 WASH FM and you would start feeling nostalgic because it sounds like one of those songs from the 90s sung by a female artist or female-fronted band that you don’t remember but grew up hearing it all the time and then you see the music video on VH1’s Pop Up Video randomly one day and finally remember it all. LOL…

[News/Concert Watch] Chance The Rapper Announces U.S. Tour


Chance is currently on my personal list of “in” rappers on the scene right now, having dropped one of my favorite hip hop projects, Acid Rap, this year. Since I won’t be able to attend Rock The Bells this year, I just might go and see him at The Fillmore as a consolation. Come join me if I do!

10-25 Champaign, IL – University of Illinois *
10-26 Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar *
10-27 Washington, DC -The Fillmore *
10-29-30 New York, NY – SOB’s *
11-03 Montreal, Quebec – Club Soda *
11-04 Toronto, Ontario – The Danforth Music Hall *
11-07 Buffalo, NY – TBA
11-08 Oxford, OH – Brick Street Bar *
11-10 Lawrence, KS – Liberty Hall *
11-12 Boulder, CO – Fox Theatre and Cafe *
11-14 Tucson, AZ – Rialto Theatre *
11-17 Los Angeles, CA – El Rey *
11-19 Tempe, AZ – Club Red *
11-20 Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater *
11-22 Dallas, TX – Tree’s *
11-23 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live *
11-25 Atlanta, GA – The Loft @ Center Stage *
11-26 Nashville, TN – Cannery Ballroom *
11-29 Chicago, IL – Riviera Theatre *
12-03 Oberlin, OH – TBA
12-04 Indianapolis, IN – TBA
12-05 Columbia, MO – TBA
12-07 Miami, FL – TBA

One of my favorite tracks of his mixtape, Cocoa Butter Kisses, with fellow Chicagoans Vic Mensa and Twista.

MMLP2 – The Next Eminem Album

Oh shoot, a new album Eminem is coming! I always get hyped for new Eminem material even though I end up raising my expectations too high.  Plus, to call it the sequel of his best selling album is kind of ballsy. I don’t know if sober Em can top his first three major albums, which all won a Grammy for Best Rap Album, but as Jay-Z once said, “N’s want my old sh*t, buy my old albums.”

Only a 15 second sample of the next single (I think)! Rick Rubin is helping produce this album so hearing this Beastie Boys flow homage makes sense…but please, Em, can we have a lil’ (A LOT) less of the I’m-full-of-angst-RAWRRRR yelling you do in almost every song you’re in nowadays?? And this probably isn’t going to happen, but I miss hearing Ms. Track 13, Dina Rae, in a song and having Bass Brothers production.

Here’s a track, Survivalhe contributed for the latest Call of Duty video game: