Gus Dapperton – The Fool

infinite bisous – Lost in Translation /1

O.T. Genasis – Too Blessed

Harry Belafonte, Miriam Makeba – My Angel (Malaika)
The show, Atlanta, always introducing me to some fine tunes.

Buddy feat. A$AP Ferg – Black

Migos feat. Drake – Walk It Talk It


Wale – Let It Go
I just want to know who sang the hook.

The Marias – I Don’t Know You



2 Chainz feat. YG & Offset – PROUD


Pat Pat’s Playlist – January 2018

Each month, I plan to post tracks – mostly recently discovered songs/artists – that received a lot of plays from me. Here’s January!

Sun Airway – All In
This is currently my “it’s 3AM and I have insomnia” track.
All in good faith, all in good time

Yellow Days – Gap In The Clouds
One of the Atlanta promos used this song. Turns out this dude is noooice. Atlanta Season 2 premiers on March 1!

Rina Sawayama – Cyber Stockholm Syndrome
TAKE ME BACK TO THE 90S, RINA! Check out the entire EP!

James Blake – Vincent (Don Mclean cover)
❤ ❤ ❤

Eminem (feat. 2 Chainz & Phresher) – Chloraseptic (Remix)
Ugh, why you gotta tease us like this? I know the ‘old’ you ain’t ever coming back.

Sufjan Stevens – Visions of Gideon
The feels from the final scene in Call Me By Your Name.

Ciudad – Caught Me At The Worst Time
Whenever I listen to Ciudad, I’m taken back to my high school days…

This duo is dropping music that makes me reminisce the early 2000s when I’d often discover creative tracks like these.

Max Javelino – Dagat

Bruno Mars (feat. Cardi B) – Finesse Remix
If I needed a song to pick me up, I listened to this.

Apekz ft. Mikerapphone & Abra – Peque
YOOO, where does Mikerapphone lurk all these years??? He will randomly pop up on someone’s track and then disappear again. I remember following his Blogspot way back when.

I discovered this band last summer but their music wasn’t on American Spotify. However, I checked again this month and their EP is finally available! This is my favorite track, probably because it’s in English. But the vocalist is AMAZING. Listen to the whole track, you’ll thank me later.

Typhoon – Empiricist
If you appreciate a well-constructed concept album, look no further at Typhoon’s Offerings, their first LP release since 2013. It’s only January, but my gaaaawd, this is undoubtedly going to be in my Top 5 favorite albums this year. The freakin’ imagery and references Kyle Morton makes. if Beyonce and Jay-Z can make music videos for every single song on their albums, can’t we have a film for this one? I can’t remember feeling this sort of way listening to an album since Arcade Fire’s Funeral; however, this album is darker, claustrophobic, chilling, just eerily beautiful.

I don’t even know which one track I want to share. I’d rather you listen to the entire album. But, be warned, this is not a casual listen. Hmm…here’s Empiricist, an epic track, clocking in at 8:35. At one point of the song, I wanted Pusha T to surprise me with a quick 8 bars, Runaway-style. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM LIVE!

One day your children find you, locked in the bathroom,
Staring in horror at the reflection of your face

And you say you’re sorry to the guests at your party
But you can’t help wonder, who is this person you celebrate?

And so the light fades
It’s still your birthday
So blow out your past lives like they’re candles on the cake

COTDAMMIT…Okay, I’m done crying.

NP: Haim, Days Are Gone (Album)

Haim, from left to right, Danielle, Alana, and Este

This week’s playlist is dedicated to Haim! Well, I maybe cheating because the playlist is practically their whole entire album, Days Are Gone but hey, it’s currently my go to album on Spotify.

Haim consists of Este (eldest, bass), Danielle (middle, lead vocals and guitar), and Alana (youngest, percussion and guitar and everything else). They’re like the girl equivalent of the Hansons but awesomer in a girl-power type of way. They’re music has obvious retro roots to them, very 80s pop when it comes to back up vocals and percussions (a lot of claps and synthesizers) with deep rock and roll vocals from Danielle (this girl can also rip on the guitar). They have awesome music videos with the three sister performing synchronized dance numbers. But my favorite music video would have to go to their single Falling. I just love the whole 70s movies feel, very Wes Anderson and very funny.

Plus they have great hair!

Here are a couple notes on my favorite tracks on the album:

The Wire

The very first Haim song I heard. This one is straight-up classic rock n’ roll and probably the most well-known song in the album. If you guys feel like you’ve heard the song before, it’s probably because you have heard it before or because the intro sounds A LOT like The Eagles’ Heartache Tonight.

If I Could Change Your Mind

This track goes more on the 80s pop side with its jumpy beat, xylophones tones, and lots and lots of handclaps.

Don’t Save Me

One of the funnest tracks to sing! I love the fast, repetitive refrain. This song combines both their rock n’ roll and 80s pop roots starting the song off with rhythmic guitar chords then bringing in the synth/keyboard in the chorus! And of course, lots and lots of claps.

My Song 5

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG! It’s such a badass song! That’s all.

Here’s a Spotify playlist of the album for your listening pleasure:

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SXSW 2014 Playlist

Hello everyone! New contributor here! I figured I’d do weekly playlists on here, just to give yall something a bit different.

South by Southwest is a little over halfway today and since I am completely broke and cannot afford to go to Austin I decided I would post some of the artists that I would definitely try and see at the festival.

1. The Real Estate

What I like about The Real Estate is that they’re consistently Fall-weather type of music. Their music makes me want to wear a hoodie, denim jacket on top, take a late afternoon drive around town with my car windows down.


I’ve been into slow, electronic pop lately that are on the darker side. ASTR is rich with vocal filters and heavy with beats. It makes it hard to run on the treadmill while they come on the playlist.


Before I move on, many of the songs featured in this post are also from the playlist on my NP post last week and this one is one of them! I’ve been really into the dreamy vocals combined with heavy R&B beats. BANKS’ vocals makes it so easy for me to get lost in her voice and beat is just grooving. Definitely her strongest song so far.

4. Jungle

Jungle has a very retro feel to them. I can almost hear them being played in a 70’s movie, maybe during some kind of training sequence or something. Anyway, this song, Busy Earnin’, has one of the best music videos ever! I so want to learn the whole choreography.

5. Broken Bells

Another band that has a very retro feel to them. You’ll especially hear it during the chorus.

6. RAC

Very upbeat songs!

7. Childish Gambino 

The university I went to was crazy about Childish Gambino when he first came out, mostly because he came to our school for homecoming as a comedy act and ended up having an impromptu concert with his macbook. It was great. After the depression rumors/news HE IS BACK!

8. Chance the Rapper

Still kind of upset that he collaborated with the Biebs (but I can’t deny it, that song was pretty catchy) but regardless I would still see him.

BONUS! Childish Gambino featuring Chance the Rapper


What is up with all these band names in all caps? Anyway, I’m channeling my inner punk-rocker with this band. They’ve been compared to circa-2000 The Strokes and as a fan of circa-2000 The Strokes, I dig. I’m just a sucker for filtered vocals, seriously.

10. Sir Sly

If you like The Neighborhood, you would most likely like this Siry Sly. I even thought they were The Neighborhood the first time I heard this song.

11. Black Milk

For those of you who says hip-hop is dead–it’s not! Black Milk (as well as other artists) is here to keep it going! Second to Kendrick Lammar, I’m probably most excited to see Black Milk.

Here’s a Soundcloud playlist with all the artist in this week’s post:

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