[Music Video] Frances – Don’t Worry About Me (Live)

This has been on repeat today. #feels


[Music Video] 10cm 십센치 – 봄이 좋냐?? What The Spring??

This song is my current mood. Thank goodness for the English subtitles even though I don’t think it’s completely accurate. Someone tell me…Is it really “you stupid”? LOL.

Even though it’s in Korean, please check it out. I love it! This is only the second song I’ve heard from them before. I should check out more of their music on Spotify…

The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines

I like this song.


The Black Keys are one of my all-time favorite bands. I really really liked their older albums (The Big Come Up, Thickfreakness, and Rubber Factory are top picks, all having been released by 2004) with their more raw, unrefined style.  As their sound evolved into a more refined quality and digital effects, I found myself less interested in their new music. I was definitely one of those “WHY DID THEY HAVE TO SELL OUT?!” fans.

Only recently have a started to appreciate and enjoy some of their newer music (the posted song was released about 3.5 years ago, so not exactly their newest stuff). I can see why they changed their sound, and I can finally hear that the old Black Keys rawness is still the heartbeat of their music, albeit now covered up with fancy effects. I can dig it.

What I’m Diggin’ – 2016 February Edition

In February, I played the heck out of Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo even though I think, out of all of his albums, this would would be ranked last or second-to-last.

My favorite track on the album is undeniably Ultralight Beams with a show-stealing verse by Chance the Rapper. Kanye and guests performed the song on SNL, which can be seen here.

Desiigner – Panda
Panda, panda, panda, panda, panda…


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (featuring Chance the Rapper)
I listened to Macklemore’s new album and I don’t love and I don’t totally dislike it. It’s honestly whatever. This song is a gem, with yet another show-stealing verse by Chance the Rapper. Can’t you tell I love Chance? LOL.

Leon Bridges – River
He’ll be at The Roots Picnic – I’m excited!

Allen Stone – Perfect World
This just might be my anthem of 2016 when the year is over.

T-Pain – Officially Yours
YAAAAAAAS! I initially heard this song when he was performing an NPR concert. It’s so refreshing to hear something like this!

James Reid – Randomantic
This is a song penned by Thryo & Yumi, two of my favorite songwriters from the Philippines. They know how to produce catchy songs!

Conscious and the Goodness – Lights Out
Son, this is SMOOTH.

What I’m Diggin’ – 2016 January Edition

When I allot myself time, I’ll handpick some albums and songs that I’ve been diggin’ over the month. Here’s January! Continue reading

My Certainly-Not-Definite Noteworthy Hip Hop Songs of 2015

I always wanted to do a really good, well-explained rundown of my favorite songs/albums of the year, but honestly, it takes so much time that it makes me question writers and journalists who do these type of lists. There is SO MUCH music out there that it’s difficult to include or exclude selections. So here’s a list of hip hop songs (which may not have necessarily been released in 2015) that made some sort of impact on me, whether it got me hype, got me thinking, or just stuck with me.

The only rule: I can only choose one song per artist!

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