What I’m Diggin’ – 2016 February Edition

In February, I played the heck out of Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo even though I think, out of all of his albums, this would would be ranked last or second-to-last.

My favorite track on the album is undeniably Ultralight Beams with a show-stealing verse by Chance the Rapper. Kanye and guests performed the song on SNL, which can be seen here.

Desiigner – Panda
Panda, panda, panda, panda, panda…


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (featuring Chance the Rapper)
I listened to Macklemore’s new album and I don’t love and I don’t totally dislike it. It’s honestly whatever. This song is a gem, with yet another show-stealing verse by Chance the Rapper. Can’t you tell I love Chance? LOL.

Leon Bridges – River
He’ll be at The Roots Picnic – I’m excited!

Allen Stone – Perfect World
This just might be my anthem of 2016 when the year is over.

T-Pain – Officially Yours
YAAAAAAAS! I initially heard this song when he was performing an NPR concert. It’s so refreshing to hear something like this!

James Reid – Randomantic
This is a song penned by Thryo & Yumi, two of my favorite songwriters from the Philippines. They know how to produce catchy songs!

Conscious and the Goodness – Lights Out
Son, this is SMOOTH.


Some Songs I’ve Been Diggin’ Lately – November 2015

D.R.A.M. – Caretaker (feat. SZA)
An extended version that originally appeared on The Social Experiment’s Surf album.

GoldLink – Spectrum
The hype I felt when I heard Tagalog on the track…LOL.

Chance the Rapper – Angels (feat. Saba)
The vibes his music provides is so essential and a fresh breath of air in hip hop.

dvsn – The Line
Love. Love. Love.

Mac Miller – ROS
The album has been surprisingly good.

Travi$ Scott – Flying High (feat. Toro Y Moi)

Wet – Weak
There are some serious 90s vibes from this song.

[Music Video] Rapsody – Illuminaughty (prod. by 9th Wonder)

While Iggy and Nicki are getting into some dumb brouhaha, Rhapsody keeps doing her thing. She’s one of my favorite MCs making buzz right now. The music video features Jabari Parker, the second player drafted in this year’s NBA draft. I’m already excited for next season!

Here are two other tracks that are featured on her She Got Game mixtape. I love these songs! I heavily recommend downloading the mixtape if you love great hip hop!

Lonely Thoughts ft. Chance The Rapper & Big K.R.I.T.

Jedi Code ft Phonte & Jay Electronica

Or just stream it on Spotify:


SXSW 2014 Playlist

Hello everyone! New contributor here! I figured I’d do weekly playlists on here, just to give yall something a bit different.

South by Southwest is a little over halfway today and since I am completely broke and cannot afford to go to Austin I decided I would post some of the artists that I would definitely try and see at the festival.

1. The Real Estate

What I like about The Real Estate is that they’re consistently Fall-weather type of music. Their music makes me want to wear a hoodie, denim jacket on top, take a late afternoon drive around town with my car windows down.


I’ve been into slow, electronic pop lately that are on the darker side. ASTR is rich with vocal filters and heavy with beats. It makes it hard to run on the treadmill while they come on the playlist.


Before I move on, many of the songs featured in this post are also from the playlist on my NP post last week and this one is one of them! I’ve been really into the dreamy vocals combined with heavy R&B beats. BANKS’ vocals makes it so easy for me to get lost in her voice and beat is just grooving. Definitely her strongest song so far.

4. Jungle

Jungle has a very retro feel to them. I can almost hear them being played in a 70’s movie, maybe during some kind of training sequence or something. Anyway, this song, Busy Earnin’, has one of the best music videos ever! I so want to learn the whole choreography.

5. Broken Bells

Another band that has a very retro feel to them. You’ll especially hear it during the chorus.

6. RAC

Very upbeat songs!

7. Childish Gambino 

The university I went to was crazy about Childish Gambino when he first came out, mostly because he came to our school for homecoming as a comedy act and ended up having an impromptu concert with his macbook. It was great. After the depression rumors/news HE IS BACK!

8. Chance the Rapper

Still kind of upset that he collaborated with the Biebs (but I can’t deny it, that song was pretty catchy) but regardless I would still see him.

BONUS! Childish Gambino featuring Chance the Rapper


What is up with all these band names in all caps? Anyway, I’m channeling my inner punk-rocker with this band. They’ve been compared to circa-2000 The Strokes and as a fan of circa-2000 The Strokes, I dig. I’m just a sucker for filtered vocals, seriously.

10. Sir Sly

If you like The Neighborhood, you would most likely like this Siry Sly. I even thought they were The Neighborhood the first time I heard this song.

11. Black Milk

For those of you who says hip-hop is dead–it’s not! Black Milk (as well as other artists) is here to keep it going! Second to Kendrick Lammar, I’m probably most excited to see Black Milk.

Here’s a Soundcloud playlist with all the artist in this week’s post:

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[Live Performance] Chance the Rapper – Interlude (That’s Love)

What’s better than tripping is falling in love
What’s better than Letterman, Leno, Fallon, and all the above
What’s better than popping bottles trying to ball in the club
Is the first caveman pops with his son, ball and a club
What’s better than paper is ballin’ it up
What’s better than followers is actually fallin’ in love
What’s better than frolicking, follies, fallin’ in mud
Rolling in green pastures, wanderin’, followin’ love

I really love this track from Chicagoan native Chance’s mixtape Acid Rap, one of my favorite mixtapes/albums of 2013. Here, he’s performing the song with members from Kids These Days. Nico Segal spotlight! He will be going on his festival tour later this year and I’m expecting his buzz to continue to grow.

Bonus: Chance collaborated with Justin Bieber (is he gonna be deported?!) on one of his #MusicMondays joints. Oh man, the Bieb’s moustache…

[Music Video] Vic Mensa – YNSP (feat. Eliza Doolittle)


This is a song from his mixtape released back in Autumn called INNANETAPE (Can be downloaded HERE!). It’s pronounce “Innanet tape” like…Internet tape…

I’m really hoping Vic Mensa’s career goes far. I’ve been rooting for him since he dropped that small EP he did back in 2010. Dude can truly spit (no, really, he can rap his butt off) and I’m digging his progression as a rapper. He’s only 20, my goodness. Plus, I’d join any movement about “saving peso.” I’m still (and FOREVER) saddened that Kids These Days broke up before I even got a chance to see them perform live, but I’ll be supporting everybody’s music careers.

Some more nice jams from the mixtape:

Lovely Day got me wishing it was summer tomorrow.

Tweakin’ (featuring Chance the Rapper). I can dig drug songs even though I don’t do ’em, riiiight? BTW, Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap mixtape IS MY FAVORITE MIXTAPE OF 2013. Get that if you haven’t yet. GET HIP.

Time Is Money (featuring Rockie Fresh). “My pops told me, told me, ‘Make money But the money you make don’t make you'”