Pat Pat’s Playlist – January 2018

Each month, I plan to post tracks – mostly recently discovered songs/artists – that received a lot of plays from me. Here’s January!

Sun Airway – All In
This is currently my “it’s 3AM and I have insomnia” track.
All in good faith, all in good time

Yellow Days – Gap In The Clouds
One of the Atlanta promos used this song. Turns out this dude is noooice. Atlanta Season 2 premiers on March 1!

Rina Sawayama – Cyber Stockholm Syndrome
TAKE ME BACK TO THE 90S, RINA! Check out the entire EP!

James Blake – Vincent (Don Mclean cover)
❤ ❤ ❤

Eminem (feat. 2 Chainz & Phresher) – Chloraseptic (Remix)
Ugh, why you gotta tease us like this? I know the ‘old’ you ain’t ever coming back.

Sufjan Stevens – Visions of Gideon
The feels from the final scene in Call Me By Your Name.

Ciudad – Caught Me At The Worst Time
Whenever I listen to Ciudad, I’m taken back to my high school days…

This duo is dropping music that makes me reminisce the early 2000s when I’d often discover creative tracks like these.

Max Javelino – Dagat

Bruno Mars (feat. Cardi B) – Finesse Remix
If I needed a song to pick me up, I listened to this.

Apekz ft. Mikerapphone & Abra – Peque
YOOO, where does Mikerapphone lurk all these years??? He will randomly pop up on someone’s track and then disappear again. I remember following his Blogspot way back when.

I discovered this band last summer but their music wasn’t on American Spotify. However, I checked again this month and their EP is finally available! This is my favorite track, probably because it’s in English. But the vocalist is AMAZING. Listen to the whole track, you’ll thank me later.

Typhoon – Empiricist
If you appreciate a well-constructed concept album, look no further at Typhoon’s Offerings, their first LP release since 2013. It’s only January, but my gaaaawd, this is undoubtedly going to be in my Top 5 favorite albums this year. The freakin’ imagery and references Kyle Morton makes. if Beyonce and Jay-Z can make music videos for every single song on their albums, can’t we have a film for this one? I can’t remember feeling this sort of way listening to an album since Arcade Fire’s Funeral; however, this album is darker, claustrophobic, chilling, just eerily beautiful.

I don’t even know which one track I want to share. I’d rather you listen to the entire album. But, be warned, this is not a casual listen. Hmm…here’s Empiricist, an epic track, clocking in at 8:35. At one point of the song, I wanted Pusha T to surprise me with a quick 8 bars, Runaway-style. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM LIVE!

One day your children find you, locked in the bathroom,
Staring in horror at the reflection of your face

And you say you’re sorry to the guests at your party
But you can’t help wonder, who is this person you celebrate?

And so the light fades
It’s still your birthday
So blow out your past lives like they’re candles on the cake

COTDAMMIT…Okay, I’m done crying.


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My Certainly-Not-Definite Noteworthy Hip Hop Songs of 2015

I always wanted to do a really good, well-explained rundown of my favorite songs/albums of the year, but honestly, it takes so much time that it makes me question writers and journalists who do these type of lists. There is SO MUCH music out there that it’s difficult to include or exclude selections. So here’s a list of hip hop songs (which may not have necessarily been released in 2015) that made some sort of impact on me, whether it got me hype, got me thinking, or just stuck with me.

The only rule: I can only choose one song per artist!

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My Top Hip Hop Tracks so far in 2015

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The criteria for this list is that I can only choose one song from each artist. I initially only wanted to list 10 songs, then I extended it to 15 songs, and decided WHY NOT 25! I just didn’t feel like excluding some songs when I reviewed them.  Also note: some songs on this list came from albums released at the tail end of 2014, but the single was released this year.

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