[Live Performance] The Staves – Make It Holy

I could make you want me, make you need me, make you mine,
I could make it holy, make it special, make it right…

This song is calming me tonight.


[Music Video] Lupe Fiasco featuring Nikki Jean – Madonna [And Other Mothers In The Hood]

She was holdin’ him in her hands just like Stigmata

Lots of religious references in this song, as well with a lot of this album. What I think Lupe is trying to do is make an analogy of mothers in the hood to Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mothers in the hood will always defend and support their sons, regardless of what they may have been accused of (“Mama said my son never been in no trouble“), just like how Mother Mary was in support of his son, even though he was being persecuted by society.

Man, watching the music video makes me saaaaaad. Makes me like the song even more. I wonder if his next music video will be for “Adoration of the Magi”.