[Music Video] Thyro, Yumi and Jeric – Triangulo (Philpop 2015)

Here’s some Filipino R&B flavor for your Monday morning. Anything Thyro and Yumi touch is usually gold. Love their music!


My Top Hip Hop Tracks so far in 2015

I figured I’d share some music that I’ve enjoyed this year. I think this year has been great for hip hop. I’d go as far as declaring this as the best year of hip hop album releases in the 2010s and we’re only halfway through the year. That’s how great the music has been.

The criteria for this list is that I can only choose one song from each artist. I initially only wanted to list 10 songs, then I extended it to 15 songs, and decided WHY NOT 25! I just didn’t feel like excluding some songs when I reviewed them.  Also note: some songs on this list came from albums released at the tail end of 2014, but the single was released this year.

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