[Music Video] John Newman – Losing Sleep

Like I said yesterday…All of these artists I’m discovering are from the UK. Introducing John Newman.

I find this music video slightly creepy. Okay, very creepy.

And who keeps adding dead leaves into the overflowing bathtub?!? I suggest she close the window and not take baths with clothes on. I don’t think that’s how bathing works.


[Music Video] Ella Eyre – Deeper

Why does it seem that almost every R&B- or soul-influenced I discover is from the UK? The scene over there must be bangin’.

As an extra, she collabed with Bastille (You should already know how much I love this band!) for a cover of TLC’s “No Scrubs.”

[Music Video] Eminem – Rap God

I’m hoping to find some remix to this song in which the production has some bombastic bass. If you find one, let me know. I think that would make this song even better!

It seems like there has already been like six singles from this album already. I’d like to see if his team decides to release Headlights as a single. I’d like to see that happen. Or maybe even Bad Guy.

Fun.- Sight of the Sun

Fun is known for making catchy songs, and this song is no exception. I was getting tired of hearing their singles, probably due to overplay on the radio. But this song… something about it.

Maybe it’s just because it speaks to my current situation. Please refer to the “cuffin’ season” references throughout this blog. Lol.

Either way, have a happy Thanksgiving, and continue to enjoy the beautiful music!