The Shadowboxers- Sidewalk

Discovered these guys a while ago, while browsing through videos on YouTube.

The vocals are on point, and this song just feels so soulful.

Hey guys… guess what day it is…. guess what day it is…
Happy Hump Day!


[Covers] Mayer Hawthorne – Royals (VEVO Unexpected Covers)

I got tired of Royals pretty darn quickly, especially when everyone in the media and all your circles want to rave about it and your favorite Youtube artist’s favorite Youtube artist has covered the song.

BUUUUUT, Mayer Hawthorne decides to cover it and my love for the song has been revived! And can I say that it’s even better than the original?! It’s so groovy, baby. (You’ll never hear me say that in person.)

I must add, Mayer’s vocal chops has greatly improved since his first album! Let’s go see him in concert when he comes back to the area. Okthanksbye.

[Audio] Justin Bieber – Recovery

Another Justin Bieber goodie from his #MusicMondays series. I’m diggin’ the Craig David sample. Whatever happened to Craig David anyway?? The Biebz recently tweeted this song is “one of the most important songs to me I’ve ever written.” Surely sounds like it.

I think this has to be my favorite installment thus far. So #HBC. And obviously the track’s about a certain someone…

First, I’ll acknowledge
All trust has been broken
A successful recovery
I pray for us at night
Grants me with a second chance
Never thought I’d see your face again
Learning life through trial and error
Just tryna make it right

[Pinoy Artists] Introduction: Up Dharma Down

A couple of our contributors have posted songs recently from Filipino artists and I’m loving it. I’ve actually been wanting to showcase more Pinoy artists from the Philippines. There’s a lot of talent over there that do not really get to reach international airwaves. Only the biggest of acts even have a chance to tour outside the country or the continent.

So here’s my effort to introduce you what the Philippines has to offer. I won’t be able to supply much background information so hopefully, WIkipedia will do the job.

Today, I will introduce you to Up Dharma Down. This band has released three major albums since 2006. According to Wikipedia, they have been featured on Time magazine and according to Mark Coles of BBC, they are the “Manila band most likely to cross over to the lucrative Anglophone market of North America.” Okay, first of all, I think the UK knows good music better than us Americans. I haven’t heard any of their music reaching American shores, but it’d be nice if they built enough buzz so they could come tour in the U.S. I think they’re one of the most talented and unique bands coming from the PI. They deserve more international recognition!

If I could pinpoint their music to a genre, I’d say it’s Electronic Jazz Fusion (basically, their sound is eclectic). After listening to their two most recent albums, the albums that I’m least familiar with, there is a large effort in experimenting with their sound.

What initially made me fall in love with this band is their lead vocalist, Armi Millare, and the emotions she is able to convey from the beautifully written lyrics. Swoon.

Here are four of the most popular songs, with English subtitles included! These videos don’t do the band justice, though. Catch the live videos on YouTube to see how amazing they really are!

The first song I ever heard from them, Maybe. Also, their debut single. Unfortunately, the audio/video quality isn’t great.

Oo (Yes). Oh, unrequited love…

Tadhana (Fate)

Turn It Well
How ’bout an HD quality music video?

And one of my personal favorites. This was on repeat during a certain period in high school when I had trouble falling asleep. Mood music for sure.

Drip- Kabilugan Ng Buwan

Happy Monday! Had to hit y’all with some of that OPM flavor.
This is a cover of an APO Hiking society song, and they definitely do it justice by adding some funky rhythms.

This song gets me excited about the chill in the air, and hanging out with someone special. Something so poetic about the Tagalog language that can’t be captured by English lyrics.

For our non-Tagalog speaking readers, this song is the anthem for my favorite season. Cuffing season. Lol!

Have a great week, everyone!

Mayer Hawthorne – Her Favorite Song

But when she gets home, she puts her headphones on
She plays her favorite song and fades away
And when the musics on she can do no wrong
And she feels safe and calm and it’s ok

And she says, ba ba dum ba dee ah dum ba
Ba dum ba dee ah dum ba
The world keeps turning, life goes on
Yeah she says, ba ba dum ba dee ah dum ba
Ba dum ba dee ah dum ba
The world keeps turning, life goes on

Janelle Monáe feat. Miguel – PrimeTime

She is so beautiful! (So is Miguel)
I’ve been a fan of hers for many moons now and was fortunate enough to see her open for Of Montreal at the 9:30 Club in 2010. She was incredible!

Here is the story behind this song:

PrimeTime is a love story based on the early adventures of Cindi Mayweather (Janelle Monáe) and her first love Joey Vice (Miguel.) The Emotion Picture gives a glimpse at Cindi’s humble beginnings as a “cyber-server” at the Electric Sheep nightclub, a syn bar serving high-class “show droids” to the rich and lonely in a dangerous section of Metropolis known as Slop City. Incidentally, the innovative cybersoul music played at the club directly impacted Cindi, and she began singing and performing her own innovative compositions a short time after quitting this assignment. In addition, Cindi became determined to change the public perception of what an electric lady could be, dream and aspire to after working in the dismal conditions at the club.

Her 2008 song, “Many Moons,” carries words like…

“We march all around til’ the sun goes down night children
Broken dreams, no sunshine, endless crimes, we long for freedom (for freedom)”


“Tell me are you bold enough to reach for love?”

PrimeTime tells the story of Cindi Mayweather’s beginnings and first love before she rebelled for freedom.
What do you think of her new song?
Electric? Sexy?

“It’s a primetime for our love
And heaven is bettin’ on us”

ALSO check out her song, Q.U.E.E.N., with the talented Erykah Badu that was released earlier this year.

“I heard this life is just a play with no rehearsal
I wonder will this be my final act tonight
And tell me what’s the price of fame?
Am I a sinner with my skirt on the ground?”